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Concrete pump pipe temperature relates to service life of tubing

Dec 09, 2016

Concrete pump pipe temperature scale thinking is another important factor. Accept some tubes such as Silicon rubber and has a broad temperature scale, suitable for high temperature, low temperature process and some tubing Tygon? And the C-Flex? the only suitable for a small scale of temperature. In progress step by step temperature applications, end users should consider temperature on chemical resistance tubing and pressure effects. When temperature increases, pump pressure can be reduced.

Labor tubing agreed on the scale of mistakes. Work less, tubing the function error is smaller, better consistency and repeatability. Larger the labor, pump function, the more unstable. Some tubing making labor is extremely small, which severely in extrusion forming of error control. Making labor less tubing is slightly more expensive, but progress in pumping function, and this cost is still worthwhile.