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Concrete pumping equipment and pipeline selection and arrangement

Dec 09, 2016

1 layout and calculation formula of concrete pump concrete pump or pump the product technical characteristics table, column has a maximum output of data in General. This data is in standard conditions (square of concrete fell to 21cm, amount of cement to 300kg/m3) can be achieved, but the maximum output and maximum transmission distance can not meet.
Truck-mounted concrete pump or pump output associated with transportation distance, transmission distance increases, the actual output will be reduced. Actual average output of concrete pump calculated according to the following formula: efficiency and desirable 0.50.7. concrete pump demand number is calculated according to the following formula: t concrete pumping construction time, h. for example: Tanggu, Tianjin, Fu Hui gardens for commercial residential building, basement 1, 12 floors, total height of 38m, building area of 18000m, all reinforced structure. The project short, narrow, aerial parts of pump-delivery commodity concrete pouring of a maximum amount of 680m3.=5.04m,r=48h,iV=2.81, determine the arrangement of 3 sets of truck-mounted concrete pump.
For important works and of high integrity works, required number of concrete chestnut, apart from the outside according to the calculation, is still advised to have some standby number.
Concrete pump or pump car in site of layout should consider following situation: away from pouring locations slightly near, easy distribution tube; each Taiwan pump of hopper can fast alternating concrete, to guarantee pump continuous work; used more Taiwan pump pouring Shi, pouring volume should close and while pouring finished; as chestnut sent distance had long or high, should consider added with relay pump; its job range within, shall not has high-tension line, obstacles; senior building used relay Gao chestnut sent concrete Shi, its location should makes Shang, and Xia pump of conveying capacity match. Set relay chestnut bearing capacity of the floor to check the structure of; 2 pipeline selection and piping design select the diameter of the duct diameter should be selected based on the maximum size of coarse aggregate size, concrete conveying capacity and transmission distance, degree of difficulty pumping, concrete chestnut model.
At present, common duct diameter is 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm three, and most especially 125mm application.
Piping design principle is to meet engineering requirements, to shorten the length of pipeline and pipelines as possible into horizontal even vertical.
① Chestnut sent technical specification for construction of G/T concrete 10-95 stipulates that when the pipe straight up, horizontal pipe length should not be less than the length of the vertical pipe 1/4, and is less than 15m., use horizontal tubes in the concrete mixture and pipe wall friction between concrete mixture to balance upstream pressure or reducing the impact of upstream pressure. Due to site conditions when it fails to meet the above requirements, can setting bending solutions.
Height of the vertical pipe is high, you should in the y-pipe of concrete pump outlet pipe root settings 36M valve to prevent reflux of concrete mixture.
In order to reduce vibration of vertical pipe fixing measures should be taken, each pipe shall not be less than 1 fixed points. If vertical pipes will be fixed when the scaffold, the scaffold can be reinforced as needed.
② When the downward slope piping to ensure transport tubes are always full of concrete mixture should set the exhaust valve at the top of the tilt tube. When the downward-sloping pipe in the air when first exhaust valve opens, pressure exhaust, full of concrete mixture in the down pipe, discharge from the exhaust valve when the mortar, and then close the exhaust valve for normal pressure.