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Concrete Pump Elbows

Apr 25, 2017

Product Detail

Product Description
The concrete pump elbows or concrete pump pipe fittings are made by lost wax casting process using the manganese steel Mn13. After the casting is finished, it will be done water-toughing process to improve its mechanical property. The wall thickness of the root bend which suffers the most severe impact is improved to prolong its service life.

Concrete pump Boom Elbows

5" 90 degree HD    5" 20 degree M
5" 90 degree M     5" 15 degree M
5" 45 degree M     5" 30 degree M
Note: HD- Heavy Duty, M-Metric

Concrete pump reducing elbows

5" x 3" 90 degree HH    5" x 4" 90 degree HH
4" x 3" 90 degree HH    5" x 3" 90 degree MH
5" x 4" 90 degree MH

Note: H-Heavy, Duty, M-Metric
Besides the above elbows, we can also produce any concrete pump pipe fittings according to client's requirements.