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Concrete Pumps Over The Five Principles

Dec 09, 2016

Take over in the use of concrete pump is a very important step in the process, if used in the process of taking over the wrong way we risk resulting in jams. Small series to introduce concrete pump takes over the five principles, and keep people away from worry about blocking of concrete delivery pump.
 1. friends will know, straight pipes so much better than the smooth curved pipe, is not likely to cause congestion. Concrete pump pipe layout when should as far as possible the pipe in a straight line, reducing the use of elbows, so as to reduce the possibility of pipe plug.

2. taper pipe is a part of concrete delivery pump, in order to prevent clogging, also needs to be done here. In this position, should not bend directly, you must first pick up again after 5 mm straight tube bending.

3. concrete delivery pump took over in the Middle, only added one at a time, and require water lubrication of pipe wall and exhaust air, or is likely to cause obstruction.

4. vertical downward pipe of concrete pump, anti-segregation device shall be installed at the outlet to prevent plugging.

5. when high level pumping of concrete pump, horizontal pipe length should be not less than 15% of the vertical pipe length and access pipeline stop valve in the horizontal line. Shut down for more than 5 minutes, you should close the stop valve, to prevent back lead to blocking. When horizontal-vertical 90 degree elbows, bend radius should be larger than 500 cm.