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Construction Of Concrete Pump Hose Operation Caution

Dec 09, 2016

To ensure smooth from raw material of concrete to mix and pump to pouring this process would require operators on operations are able to master each step and each step of the construction safety considerations to keep in mind to avoid security breaches.
Hose during the operation should note the following details:
First, when you implement pipeline pumping concrete of concrete pump, start or stop pumping concrete should get in touch with the front hose operator. Front hose bend radius should be larger than 1M, operators are not allowed to stand in the exit of the pipe and prevent concrete suddenly overflowing with the injured man.
Second, pipes fixed, padded solid, it is strictly forbidden to transport hose bend to avoid explosive hose. Pipes clogged, when pumping treated soft began to swing at the end, concrete may be transient Jet, staff members shall not be closer to the hose.
Third, must not stand in the corners of the building, holding end of hose, hose or with shotcrete, could lead to operator falls risk
Concrete pump hose operation
Before the pumping concrete and start pumping water, check the pipe, ensure the sealed watertight, then pumping line lubricants, the general use of mortar, but also water mud. The mortar into the hopper to pressure mortar will be sent at the end, you can pour the concrete meets the requirements for normal pressure, if the pressure of the mortar appears blocked, detachable front section of piping, its internal dehydration blocks removed, connect the piping can be normal operation.
While the pump is running, put his hand into the hopper, tank is strictly prohibited. Pumping of concrete materials should be on the mixer axis above, no suction or no pumping. Concrete pump hopper cleaning frequently. If longer suspension of pumping, every (15-30) min start the pump again, anti-pumping 1-2 trip, to pump another 1-2 trip to prevent concrete condensed in the pipes.
Perhaps you didn't notice, this small hose careless operation would actually bring such a big security risk. In addition to the outside hose operation caution, and the other details of the operation are equally deserving of attention.