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The Pump Principle Of Concrete Pump

Dec 09, 2016

Concrete pump with electric motor or diesel engine-driven pumping system through constant power control of the hydraulic system of automatic adjustment of concrete pump conveying capacity, manual controls can also be used to select the amount of concrete.
Pumping system consists of Hopper, mixing bodies and concrete distribution valves, concrete tanks, washing room and master cylinder, and so on.

Working principle: as shown in the figure, when the hydraulic system pressure when oil enters the master cylinder piston rods out and connecting pipe of the pressure oil seal circuit makes another retraction of the piston rod. Concrete delivery attached to the master cylinder piston rod piston retraction in conveying cylinder caused by systemic action, hopper of concrete in the atmospheric pressure and mixing blade by sliding under the boost valve suction conveying cylinder by inhalation. Meanwhile, another master cylinder in the presence of the oil pressure, push the piston out of the cylinder and push the concrete of concrete conveying cylinder piston pressure, through a spool valve y-pipe into the concrete conveying pipe. After the action is completed, the system automatically reversing to another master cylinder for oil pressure, completed another different conveying cylinder vacuum, air trip. So again, concrete pouring in the hopper suction and pressure conveying cylinder through the y-pipe and outlet pipe reach operating point, complete the pumping operation.